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About Us
Adelaide Personal Trainers


Insight focuses on improving your day to day through exercise, diet, general activity and stress management systems. Exercise is a key component to anyone’s life but the key is committing yourself, not only to a trainer, but to a change in your whole lifestyle. These systems are intended to keep you healthy, happy, functional and successful in your daily life.

Insight discovers your potential and encourages that potential through all stages in a safe and professional manner.

Insight dispels common myths about exercise and diet and shows you the correct, sustained approach.


Training is conducted in a studio space combining strength, cardio, functional and boxing equipment. Limited memberships available for PT clients, maintaining an exclusive space for trainers and their clients. Private room for health and fitness assessments. Change rooms and bathroom available.


                 PRINCIPAL TRAINER


                ANTHONY SCHINELLA


  • 26 years experience

  • B.App.Sc (Exercise and Sports Science)

  • B.Sc (Honours in Physiology)

  • Certificate in Exercise Rehabilitation

  • Certificate in Pilates

  • Senior First Aid and CPR



  • One on One, Couples and Small Group training

  • ​Nutritional Advice

  • Exercise Rehabilitation

  • Strength and fitness for running events

  • Pilates (floor)

  • Disease Management (inc. insulin resistance, diabetes, hypertension and obesity)

  • Exercise Physiology (non medicare)

  • Fitness Assessments

  • Lifestyle counselling

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