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               PERSONAL TRAINING  (10 session block)

60 min PT:    $800 +GST

45 min PT:    $700 +GST 

30 min PT:    $500 +GST

+ $10 for couples training

Session by session payment available on request

               (monthly - no lock ins)

Client M/ship:  $60 +GST *

Non client M/ship:  $80 +GST **    

*Become a weekly or monthly PT client to gain full access to a studio membership. Train on your own time to complement your bookings with your trainer.

**Non PT client memberships are very limited and generally available to those who are known or part of the strata corp. Individual studio use - no mandatory PT sessions required.

Fresh Green Dip
                NUTRITIONAL ADVICE

Diet Diary Analysis: $150 +GST

General Consult: $80 +GST /hr

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